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Making a Dollar out of 15 Cents

The most reliable way to create personal wealth is not winning the lottery, inheriting money, or creating a business sensation.


The most reliable way to accumulate wealth is to practice wise money management. 


Making a Dollar out of 15 Cents teaches strategies for stretching your income and maximizing the power of your hard-earned dollar. 


In today's hustle and bustle, implementing the money management principles in this book can be the difference between weathering layoffs and furloughs, and staying afloat or sinking.


Its interactive format is easy to understand and entertaining. 


It illustrates financial scenarios reinforced by key points, discussion topics, and trivia questions



mechanics of a monthly budget

managing debt and overspending

home ownership and understanding mortgages

developing a personal financial plan

time value of money and the power of compounding and

placing value on net worth over annual salary/income.